Mitchell Mohorovich headshot

Hey, I’m Mitchell Mohorovich, I’m a Software Development Engineer at Amazon in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m also a Ryerson University alumnus, graduating from computer science in 2018.

During my time at university, I dabbled in student politics, participated in hackathons, logic competitions, programming competitions and founded/operated clubs. I still keep ties with my alma mater by funding and managing the online services provided by the Computer Science Course Union.

Presently, I’m trying to navigate the unnerving transition from the cash strapped, perpetually sleep deprived and respect-starved world of undergraduate academia into the “real world” – from a city 3300km away from the friends and family of my hometown.

Growing up in the auto-centric fringes of the GTA, the streetcar suburbs of Toronto and then attending university in the downtown core of Toronto taught me the impact that the built urban form has on individuals – both psychologically and economically, and is what lead to my interest in urbanism.

My career goal is to be able to use my technology background and apply it to the urban realms of cities to create tangible improvements for urban citizens. See Conveyal and Sidewalk Labs for some examples of what the intersection of technology and urbanism can do.

You can find me on Keybase, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Goodreads, Twitter, GitHub, Strava and Instagram.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like – always looking to expand my read shelf.