Mitchell Mohorovich headshot

Hey, I’m Mitchell Mohorovich, and I’m a software developer working on developing the data aggregation, processing, and distribution pipeline at Local Logic. Currently based out of Montréal.

My main interest is the intersection of technology and urbanism. In particular, the study of the built form, and the observation of the countless interactions, systems and phenomena within, and between them — enhanced with technology, with the principles of privacy and data governance.

This is an interest that was seeded during my childhood in the auto-centric fringes of the GTA, and which flourished when living in the streetcar suburbs of Toronto and attending university in the downtown core. These contrasts gave me first hand experience the impact that the built urban form has on individuals – both psychologically and economically.

You can find me on Keybase, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Goodreads, Twitter, GitHub, Strava and Instagram.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like – always looking to expand my read shelf.