Mitchell Mohorovich headshot

Hey, I’m Mitchell Mohorovich. đź‘‹

I’m currently a senior software developer at Unity Technologies. My current focus is working on products aimed to identify and reduce toxic behavior in video games cause y’know, those communities can be… 🌶🌶.

I consider myself a software generalist—who has no problem traversing the entire software stack and beyond—tackling capacity planning, devops, and product problems. All skills picked up from working at the world’s largest online retailer and elsewhere.

I’m passionate about urbanism and minucipal civic engagement having lived in the auto-centric fringes of the GTA during grade school, the streetcar suburbs of Toronto during undergrad, and Vancouver after that.

The contrasts of these environments gave me first hand experience the impact that the built urban form has on individuals – both psychologically and economically. The frustrations and failures of local governance in Toronto and Vancouver is ultimately what pushed me away to relocate to Montréal.

I disagree with the trend of digial consolidation and centralization—and surveillance capitalism that has arose from that. I’m a staunch proponent of privacy-respecting non-profit platforms like Signal, and am a doner to the Signal Foundation.

You can find me on Keybase, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Goodreads, Twitter, GitHub, Strava and Instagram.

I can be contacted here,